Linen tablecloths

Adding a linen tablecloth is an easy way to change a table and a table setting. A high-quality linen tablecloth gives a snug and cozy feeling that elevates any table setting.

Washing instructions linen cloth

Linen can be washed at 60°C, but we still recommend for more delicate linen items such as linen tablecloths to run a washing program at 40°C. Linen textiles want to be washed with a lot of water to avoid so-called creases.

If it is the first time that the linen cloth is to be washed (does not apply to our pre-washed cloths), we recommend that you expose them for 20 minutes before washing to minimize the risk of creases.

Washing instructions linen cloth
  • How big a canvas should you have?

    As a rule of thumb, you can count on the dimensions of the table plus 60 cm in width and 60 cm in length. For a table that is 100 x 200 cm, a tablecloth that is 160 x 260 cm is needed, then it hangs down 30 cm per side.

  • How do you get tablecloths smooth?

    Lay the cloth on the table and spray lightly with a flower sprayer over the cloth. Let the water sink in a little and then run your hands over the cloth and pull it a little from different directions so that it stretches out smoothly.

  • Can you have a square tablecloth for a round table?

    Yes, it fits perfectly to have a square cloth with "flaps" that symmetrically hang down the same amount on all sides.