Dressing gown linen

Our linen dressing gowns are sewn in the same lovely linen as our popular linen towels. A wonderful and flattering home garment that will easily become a favourite.

Washing instructions for a linen dressing gown

Here we have collected our best tips on how to wash and care for your linen products.

Washing instructions linen
  • Linen is climate smart

    Linen is not only beautiful, but is also a good choice for the environment because the cultivation of flax requires little fertilization and the plant itself is resistant to diseases and does not need to be sprayed.

  • Linen is antibacterial

    Did you know that linen is naturally antibacterial which makes it resistant to bad odors. This makes the linen particularly suitable for kitchen towels and hand towels.

  • Linen is highly absorbent

    Linen has a great ability to absorb moisture. A linen towel or kitchen towel can have up to 50 percent moisture and still not feel damp.