Washing instructions linen cloth

Let's start by stating that washing linen and linen cloths, and ironing linen and mangles is not difficult - linen is a fantastic material that can withstand a lot.

Wash linen

Linen can be washed at 60°C, but we still recommend for more delicate linen items such as linen napkins, placemats and linen tablecloths to run a washing program at 40°C.

If it is the first time that the linen is to be washed, you should soak it for 20 minutes before washing. This is done to avoid possible folds. After soaking, put the linen in the machine and wash at 40 degrees with a gentle or mild detergent.

Iron or mangle linen

Before ironing the linen, moisten the fabric by spraying it with a spray bottle of water. Let the water soak into the fabric for a while and then iron the fabric on high heat.

If you want a really smooth and glossy surface, cold mangling is the way to go. Mantling linen cloths and napkins is easier than you think, but it does require that you have access to a mangel. If you live in an apartment, you may be lucky that there is a mangle in the laundry room. Read the instructions for the mangle and try one to mangle, it may be easier to start with a towel mangle and then move on to the cloth when you understand how it works. When you mangle linen, a hard pressure is put on the linen fibers, which makes the luster appear in a beautiful way. Moisten and stretch the linen cloth before you begin to mangle. Then fold it lengthwise so that it goes into the mangle. Mangle the fabric slightly damp and then let dry. If you want extra shine on your linen cloth, you can mangle the dry cloth once more.

If you want more tips on how to wash linen, you can find our washing advice for linen here.