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We want to create modern classics in linen with focus on sustainability, quality and design.

Our Story

Bylinen Stockholm is a Swedish home interior brand. Born out of our love for linen and to celebrate the art of living. Our goal is to create modern classics in linen.

All our products are created with love, from design to production. We ethically produce and manufacture all our products in Europe and have designed each piece to feel timeless and to work together. We want Bylinen to be part of your everyday life, celebrating the small things. The napkins you use for cozy family dinners on a Friday night, the beach towels you use every summer and the tea towel that you cover your freshly baked bread with. We want you to use and love our products for many years to come and have therefore designed items that are easy to maintain, are made from durable materials such as linen and have timeless design.


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