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Bylinen Care Guide

All Bylinen's textile products are made of linen or a linen blend. Linen is a fantastic natural material that ages more slowly than other textiles and only gets softer and nicer over time. In order to maintain the linen's structure and luster, it is important that you take care of it in the right way. Below we have summarized our best tips on how to care for your linen.

Linen can be washed at 60°C, but for delicate linen items such as linen napkins, placemats and linen tablecloths, we recommend 40°C. For severe stains, it is fine to wash your linen fabric at a higher temperature, but do not exceed 80 degrees.

We advise you to never wash at a warmer temperature than necessary to minimize wear and tear on your linen products but also for the sake of the environment. Important to remember is that unwashed linen shrinks in hot water, between 3–6%.

It is fine to tumble dry your linen products at low temperatures to maintain softness and give them a nice relaxed look. Keep in mind, however, that it wears on the fibers. During washing, excess fluff can be released, which can be brushed away with a soft brush or shaken off outdoors, this applies above all to our waffled towels.


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